Assoc. Michèle de Hosson

Michèle de Hosson graduated as a bachelor nurse in 2005 (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen - NL). She started as a nurse at the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at Ghent University Hospital (B). In 2009 she obtained her Master's degree in Nursing Science at Utrecht University (NL). Since May 2013, Michèle is working as a clinical nurse specialist for (young) adults with congenital heart disease. She is the contact person for the patients and coordinates their care.

She is also involved in various projects to improve the quality of care. As transition coordinator, she is involved in the project `Transition with a Heart'. This transition project - developed in close collaboration with the Pediatric Cardiology department and Adult Congenital Cardiology department - focuses on the transition of young people and their caregivers from pediatric-focused care to adult-focused care. Currently, she is conducting a Ph.D. in this transition program.