Dr. Sabine Hellemans

Sabine Hellemans works as a clinical psychologist in the Center of Medical Genetics at UZ Ghent. In her clinical work, she gained expertise in working with patients with (an elevated risk of) a genetic disease such as hereditary cancer syndromes, connective tissue disorders and inherited cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, she is a systemic psychotherapist (i.e., relationship and family therapist). As genetic diseases affect entire families and not just individual members, she focuses in her clinical work on family communication about genetics, how genetic diseases affect all family members, and the ability of the family members to cope with issues related to genetic diseases. In addition, she is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Biomolecular Medicine since 2015. Sabine participates as a co-supervisor in an ongoing FWO research "Hereditary predisposition syndromes for Childhood cancer: Implementation in clinical Practice (DHECIPR)".