Dr. Ulrike Hoffmann

Working as a consultant in pediatric cardiology and ACHD cardiology at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH Kiel) provides me with the opportunity to treat patients with congenital heart disease in every age group. I am responsible for training our fellows in all techniques used in the echocardiography lab in order to come to a correct diagnosis and to form a therapy plan.

Furthermore, I see patients in an outpatient clinic designed for an interdisciplinary tertiary center for prenatal medicine to evaluate fetuses referred for suspected congenital heart defects with fetal echocardiography. It is important to come to a correct conclusion in order to counsel the parents about upcoming events and necessary procedures in order to treat the newborn. The demand for evaluation and counseling in this outpatient clinic has drastically risen in recent years, especially with cases of hypoplastic left heart syndrome.