Ms. Gaby Stoffel

Gaby Stoffel trained as a Registered Nurse in the School for Paediatric Nursing. Initially she worked in the paediatric surgical department, and then completed the Intensive Care Nurse specialization the Intensive Care Unit of the University Children’s Hospital Zurich. She worked a number of years in the PICU, was then promoted to Clinical Practice and Adult Education Trainer and finally became head of the School for Intensive Care.

In 2004 she created a new role in the Heart Centre of the Children's University Hospital by building a service for Counseling and Education for Parents . She completed her Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) and established an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) role in the field of congenital paediatric cardiology and heart surgery in Zurich. She remains engaged as a Lecturer and in consulting activities. Gaby Stoffel continues to support the expanding network in the field of congenital heart care by her involvement as secretary of the AEPC Working Group for Nursing and Allied Professionals, board Member in the WG for Cardiovascular Nurses and Allied Professionals and her work on the Scientific Committee of the Interest Group Congenital Heart Disease (IG-PAHF) of the Swiss Society of Cardiology.