Prof. Dr. Jan Janousek

M.D. Graduation in 1981 at the Faculty of Paediatrics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Started to work Children’s Heart Centre, Motol University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic. Underwent board certification in Pediatrics in 1984 and board certification in Pediatric Cardiology in 1988. Gained Associate Professorship in Paediatrics at the 2nd Medical School, Charles' University, Prague in 2001 and regular Professorship in Paediatric Cardiology at the Medical Faculty, University of Leipzig, Germany in 2005. Worked between 2005 – 2009 as Chief of the Department of Paediatric Cardiology at the Heartcentre, University in Leipzig, Germany. Moved afterwards back to Prague to become Chief of the Children’s Heart Centre, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic in 2011.

Major professional interests: Paediatric eletrophysiology

Major research topic: Cardiac dyssynchrony and resynchronization therapy in children and congenital heart disease patients.

Member of numerous international scientific societies.

Publications: 3 monographies, 9 chapters in monographies. Web of Science: Total No of publications: 100 (first author = 22, co-author = 78). No of citations without auto-citations = 4026. H index: 29.