Prof. Jo Wray

Jo Wray is Professor of Child Health Psychology – Cardiology, Critical Care and Transplantation at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the Institute of Cardiovascular Science, UCL.   She has worked in the field of paediatric cardiology and transplantation since 1984, both as a health psychology researcher and practitioner, and she established a clinical service and research programme in paediatric cardiothoracic transplantation at Harefield Hospital in 1988 before moving to GOSH in 2001. In 2008, she moved out of the clinical field to focus on her research and supporting nursing and allied health research within the Heart Lung Directorate at GOSH and more widely across the Trust as a senior researcher and member of the senior management team in the Centre for Outcomes and Experience Research in Children’s Health, Illness and Disability (ORCHID).  She is the joint lead for Patient Reported Experience Measures within the Heart and Lung Directorate and the cardiac lead for Patient Reported Outcome Measures and psychosocial research.  As a member of the Research Department of Children’s Cardiovascular Disease in the Institute of Cardiovascular Science at UCL, she has successfully led on the inclusion of psychosocial research into the research milieu of this group, particularly within the outcomes field, resulting in new collaborations and broadening the scope of research undertaken. Her current programme of psychosocial research and quality improvement projects, also reflected in her student supervision responsibilities, include three main streams of work related to congenital heart disease/paediatric cardiothoracic transplantation; critical care; and patient reported experiences and outcomes in children with chronic and/or rare conditions.