Hall 4 (Salle C, Floor 0)

08:00 - 09:00 BUSINESS MEETING
09:00 - 10:30

Pulmonary Hypertension- Prevention, Physical Activity and competitive Sports

Chair: Martin Koestenberger, Austria
Co-chair: Renate Oberhoffer-Fritz, Germany

State of the Art in Diagnostics in PAH,
Maurice Beghetti, Switzerland
State of the art in therapy and prevention in PAH,
Georg Hansmann, Germany
State of the Art in Physical Activity and Sportscardiology in PAH,
Martin Koestenberger, Austria
Case report: PAH and some other issues
Sulaima Albinni, Austria
Case Report: PAH and exercise
Julia Hock, Germany

10:30 - 11:00 BREAK
11:30 - 12:30

Sports Cardiology, Physical Activity and Prevention
Chair: Erzsébet Valéria Hidvégi, Hungary
Co-chair: Renate Oberhoffer-Fritz, Germany

P-148 Different profiles of lipoprotein particles associate various degree of cardiac involvement in adolescents with morbid obesity, José Manuel Siurana, Spain

P-144 Impact of lockdown on cardiopulmonary function in children with heart disease, Isabelle Schöffl, Germany

P-155 Association between objectively measured physical activity and exercise capacity in children with congenital heart disease, Laura Willinger, Germany

P-139 Preclinical aortic atherosclerosis in adolescents with chronic disease, Henk Schipper, Netherlands

P-156 Effect of physical activity on cardiovascular health in six-year-old children born to mothers with high cardiometabolic risk, Linda Litwin, Poland

P-130 Risk Factors for Perioperative Brain Lesions on MRI in Infants with Severe Congenital Heart Disease: A European Collaboration, Alexandra Bonthrone, UK

P-150 Motor function in children and adolescents with CHD in a direct twin comparison – same same, but different?, Julia Remmele, Germany

P-169 Adverse arterioventricular interaction in adolescents with chronic disease, Victor Verpalen, Netherlands

P-134 Common carotid artery characteristics in patients with repaired aortic coarctation compared to other cardiovascular risk factors, Constance G Weismann, Germany

P-159 COVID-19 vaccination from 6 to 17 years carries a similar risk for fatal or life-threatening myocarditis than being struck by lightning, Massimiliano Cantinotti , Italy

P-145 Investigating the relation between hemoglobin a1c with left ventricular remodeling patterns in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus, Iulia Rodoman, Moldova

P-138 1. Lack of improvement in the postnatal detection of heart defects, Gunnar Wik, Norway

14:00 - 15:30

Paediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care & Adult congenital heart disease & Prevention
Chair: Judith Bouchardy, Switzerland
Co-chair: Massimo Chessa, Italy

P-489 Determining factors for hs-Troponin T and NT-proBNP in a cohort of healthy children (The LIFE child study), Alexandra Kiess, Germany

P-353 Surgical Treatment of the Aortic Coarctation Depending on the Anatomical Characteristics, Hyungtae Kim, South Korea

P-372 Health-Related Quality of Life of Ugandan Children following Valve Replacement Surgery for Rheumatic Heart Disease., Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed, Turkey

P-370 Factors associated with acute kidney injury after cardiopulmonary bypass in children, Michael Nicolas Gritti, Canada

P-017 Bioelectrical impedance analysis as a potential risk marker in adults with Marfan syndrome, Mathieu Suleiman, Germany

P-009 Home-based resistance training in Fontan patients: it’s feasible, safe and efficient!, Joanie Gagnon, Canada

P-168 Nutritional Diagnosis in children with congenital heart disease and parental characteristics in a social program in a Latin American country, Victor M. H. Quinones, Colombia

P-135 Does pulse wave analysis by digital plethysmography reliably assess arterial stiffness in patients with congenital heart disease?, Constance G Weismann, Germany

15:30 - 16:00 BREAK
16:00 - 17:30

Arrhythmias in adult CHD patients
Chair: Alexander Van De Bruaene, Belgium
Co-chair: Tomasz Ksiazczyk, Poland

ICD in primary prevention for the systemic RV: who and when?,
Fabrizio Drago, Italy
EP study +- ablation prior to pulmonary valve replacement in tetralogy of Fallot?,
Nico Blom, Netherlands
Ablation of atrial arrhythmias in Fontan patients: a Sisyphean task?,
Joris Ector, Belgium